bunkered’s Fantasy Golf 2014

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Why not join bunkered’s Fantasy Golf today and take part in the competition everyone is talking about. Even though the competition has started there is still time to catch up with the leaders and win a trip to Dubai for two people. There are also monthly and weekly prizes up for grabs so don’t delay and join the fun today!!

Please note if you enter into bunkered's Fantasy Golf while a tournament is in-play your Fantasy Golf team will not be activated until that tournament has finished.


Fantasy Golf 2014 Leaderboard

Position Score Team Name
1 2105 Meglew
2 2018 10 Good Men
3 2001 Broomhandle Never Misses
4 1959 andy.howie@ntlworld.com
5 1953 never up never in
6 1942 gore greats
7 1923 RABS MAR HALL 11
8 1918 Moore's Marvels
9 1913 Putt fi the rough 2
10 1906 Duklakinkers
11 1894 Andreacraig
12 1882 Skelmorlie Allstars
13 1877 Quest For Scratch
14 1875 Don't forget to pick your team
15 1871 beat me if you can
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