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Callaway Rogue hybrids review

Rogue Hybrid

The new Rogue hybrids feature, for the first time in a hybrid, Jailbreak Technology, making them the most powerful we’ve ever seen from the Callaway.

The Rogue and Rogue X hybrids showcase a synergy of Callaway’s Jailbreak and Hyper Speed Face Cup technologies that help deliver this incredible power, whilst also making them super-easy to launch and versatile for the total performance package.

To find out all you need to know about the technology behind these new hybrids click here.

Rogue Hybrid Tech Concept No Red Flat 2018 4 A206339 C237 5X7 Rgb

These hybrids have been designed for players seeking a balanced, high performance tool to replace their long irons. Like me, the first thing you’ll notice when hitting these hybrids is just how easy they are to launch. The CG location of these hybrids is precisely located using Callaway’s proprietary Internal Standing Wave technology.

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The lower, forward CG placement is the reason why these clubs feel so easy to hit. Not only that, it also results in incredible stopping power. The peak height of my trajectories during testing was remarkable.

Rogue Hybrid Address 2018 4 A206339 C237 1 796X1030

So they are really easy to hit, but what impact does the inclusion of Jailbreak have on speed and distance? According to Dr Alan Hocknell, Vice President of Research and Development at Callaway, “the ‘Jailbreak effect’ is not as prominent as in the Rogue Driver, but it is still very positive in that we generate increased ball speed and are able to re-configure how the golf ball flies.

Whilst testing the hybrids my ball speed and carry distances were pretty much right where I would expect them. I wasn’t expecting to see a massive jump as a result of Jailbreak, but I did notice an improvement in forgiveness.

Jailbreak combines with the ultra-thin, extremely fast Carpenter 455 steel face and the industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup to maintain ball speed across a wide expanse of the clubface. My dispersion with Rogue was really impressive and probably what stood out most for me.

Rogue X Hybrid Sole A 2017 4 A216339 C237

I also got my hands on the Rogue X and it is clear why Callaway are labelling it as a ‘super-hybrid.’ If you’re looking for a hybrid with a larger profile that is an out and out distance machine then this is the one for you.

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The design was inspired by trends in sales in the Asian market, and basically it puts the standard version on steroids. It’s combination of lighter weights, stronger lofts and a larger clubhead are what make it such a rocket ship.

Rogue Hybrid Face 2018 4 A206339 C237 1030X796

Out on the course both hybrids performed well from the tee, fairway and out of the rough. The easy launch characteristics and flat sole made it incredibly easy to pick the ball up off tight lies, while the rounded head shape meant it got through the thick stuff with little effort.

Again what struck me most was the forgiveness. The fact that these hybrids have a fixed hosel has allowed Callaway to save weight and strategically reposition it to improve the CG location further and increase the MOI.

Whether you’re looking to find more fairways off the tee, get out of the rough even on poor strikes or hit it a little closer into the pin from long range, the Rogue hybrids are an option well worth checking out.

Callaway Rogue & Rogue X hybrids

Available: February 9, 2018
Price: £229
Rogue - 2H (17˚), 3H (19˚), 4H (21˚), 5H (24˚), 6H (27˚); Rogue X - 3H (18˚), 4H (20˚), 5H (23˚), 6H (26˚), 7H (29˚), 8H (32˚) 


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