Wilson unveil ‘world’s softest distance ball’

Wilson Staff

• Wilson Staff release DX2, DX3 Spin & DX3 Urethane balls
• They are the softest balls in their category on the market
• “Every DX ball is the world’s softest compression ball”


Wilson Staff will begin the 2017 season with a new range of golf balls designed to assist all aspects of a golfer’s game.

The pioneering brand in low compression golf ball technology has introduced the new DX2 (above), DX3 Spin and DX3 Urethane golf balls to the market.

“We’ve been at the forefront of golf ball technology and low compression balls since we started and we’ll continue to conduct the research and testing needed to stay there,” said Frank Simonutti, global director of innovation for Wilson Staff balls.

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“Every DX ball is the world’s softest compression ball in its category and has been developed to match individual playing styles from high handicappers to the most accomplished player.”

Credited as the world’s softest ball with its groundbreaking 29 compressions, the DX2 is perfect for golfers seeking less spin off the tee and a real soft touch around the greens.

The DX3 Spin (above), which is regarded as the softest multiplayer ball with its 35 compressions, is designed for crossover players who prefer a soft feel and low drive spin.

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Thanks to a soft DuPont HPF material, the DX3 Spin helps increase spin on mid-to-short irons and offers greater protection on the outside to enhance distance.

Completing the Wilson Staff ball family is the DX3 Urethane. Seen as the softest Urethane ball on the market with 55 compressions, this ball is created for the ‘feel player’.

It will help deliver a softer feel, while still providing exceptional distance plus Tour performance spin.

Wilson Staff 2017 balls range

Available: Now
Price: DX2 – £19.99; DX3 Spin – £24.99; DX3 Urethane – £29.99
More info: wilsonstaff.com
Twitter: @WilsonGolfUK

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