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'I was giving lessons in brolly holding!'

2014 02 Condoleezza Rice And Kathryn Imrie

Today was a day of the good moments, funny moments and challenging moments.

Poor DA Points had a challenging moment when he almost didn’t make the resumption of play at 7:45am this morning to finish up round one. Just as the horn blew to signal the re start, DA came running up to the green and asked Condi to putt out first so he could regain his composure. Apparently, the shuttle driver got lost between the clubhouse and the 7th hole. So I am imagining challenge number one for DA was to restrain from applying abnormal pressure to the drivers carotid artery!

Challenge number two was the very Scottish like weather that hung around the Monterey Peninsula. If it weren’t for some obnoxious chants of “ get in the hole” from the large gallery I would have thought I was in Scotland. It was pretty nasty out there with an annoying mist to deal with at the start followed by some strong gusts and then some heavy rain.
If it weren’t for some obnoxious chants of “ get in the hole” from the large gallery I would have thought I was in Scotland.

Challenge number three was to keep my player calm. It was a big stage to be playing golf on for a professional let alone some one who is getting 18 shots in this event. The huge crowd amassed round the first at Pebble was impressive  -- I was telling Condi to take a couple of deep breaths but it was actually me who was hyperventilating as we walked to the tee!

One of the great moments from today was that first tee shot. The routine we have been so diligently perfecting in practice worked beautifully. Not quite sure who had the biggest smile after that but Condi’s was pretty big. Nerves were an issue for the next few holes as everything got way to quick but by the 5th hole she was settling in and hit a cracker to 25 feet. Her partner was having trouble, so the two putt par was needed.

Condi hit the best shot I have seen her hit on the 15th. After a solid drive down the middle her ball stopped on a very severe downhill slope. After she asked, “what do I do here?” I gave her a two second lesson (get your shoulders, knees going with the slope, ball back and keep your arms chasing down the slope after impact) she addressed the ball and nailed it to 15 feet from 140 out. Unfortunately she did not make the putt, but a net birdie was very helpful.

By the time we got to the beautiful 17th the rain was nasty and the wind was up and I was giving Condi another lesson on how to hold the umbrella in these testing conditions. We had a laugh when I said “ you have to hold it at an angle, point it into the wind and hold on with two hands” I also said we need to get an umbrella with windows in it so we can see where we are going on days like this.

Her tee shot at 17 was another one to write about. We estimated a three-club wind and she got up there and once again, to the delight of the slightly inebriated crowd, nailed her shot just short of the green. Happy days indeed.

The funniest moment came when I got to know DA’s caddy a little better… at the 6th tee I needed a bathroom break and the only porta -loo close by was way back by the men’s tee. I accounted for Phil, Bones and DA and saw that the door was not locked. I opened up only to see Travis (DA’s caddy) also taking a bathroom break! Ooops!

Playing at Pebble alongside Phil and caddying for arguably one of the most famous woman in the world was a very special day for me. I am a lucky girl.

• Kathryn Imrie is a former LPGA and Solheim Cup player and, currently, a golf coach at Stanford University

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