Scotscraig GC undergoes major renovations


• Scotscraig Golf Club celebrates 200th anniversary in 2017
• Major course renovations are set to take place as a result
• “This is an exciting year for the club,” said John Rankin


One of Scotland’s most respected heritage golf clubs has unveiled plans to undergo a major renovation.

Scotscraig Golf Club is set to reinstate many of the original features to its famous links and heathland course in celebration of the club’s 200th anniversary.

“With changes happening on the course and a full diary of events planned for the 200th, this is an exciting year for the club,” explained Scotscraig captain John Rankin.

“It illustrates the club’s commitment to continually improving our golf” – John Rankin

“The bicentenary project has taken more than two years to plan and deliver and is the most extensive ever to be undertaken at Scotscraig.

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“It illustrates the club’s commitment to continually improving our golf, offering and re-establishing many of the features that made the course special in the first place.”

There has already been a number of significant changes to the course. Most noticeably the fourth, 12th and 16th holes which have all contributed to one of the most important developments in the proud 200-year history of the club.

The greenkeeping team at Scotscraig has been at the forefront of the project, which has been completed in time for the club’s 200th year.

Chris Barnard, who has planned, managed and implemented over 1,000 hours of work in order to release the project, explained some of the changes.

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“The fairway bunkers have all changed – we have taken away all the revetting by hand,” he said. “The new bunkers are all contoured and rough-edged and are now more visually appealing.

“The fairways were cut at the same width from start to finish, so there was no real shape to them. Where we can, we’ve made them wider in the first 150 yards. This means higher handicap golfers will find the course fairer.”

The club is currently putting the finishing touches to a series of events planned for its bicentennial festivities in 2017. These events range from special tournaments and open days, to grand matches and opportunities to play the course itself.

Scotscraig to undergo major renovations

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  1. John Smith

    March 16, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Once a gem of a Braid coure, now being ruined by the addition of bunkers, which go against the whole Braid philosophy.

  2. Alan Patterson

    March 20, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Just played the course a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was in great condition and was a tough but very fair test of golf. A lot of good work has been done by the club. Good luck in the bicentennial year.

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