Stuart Harris hails 'brilliant' Denis Pugh lesson

Stuart Harris

For Stuart Harris, Callaway’s Kings of Distance was the springboard he needed to get well and truly back into golf.

Currently playing off 24 at Easter Moffat Golf Club, Harris only returned to golf at the end of last year after giving the sport up 20 years ago to focus more on his other love: football.

And he admits it’s been a lot tougher than he expected to start playing well again, especially as he used to play off a handicap of six when he was a junior.

“It’s been really frustrating,” he admitted to “I started playing again thinking it wouldn’t take long for me to get back to where I used to be – but it’s not been like that at all. It’s been pretty difficult to be honest but obviously I’m a lot different in size – everything – since way back then.”

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“I would play maybe once a twice a year with friends when I was playing football and I’d be pretty good for that one round but if I tried to play two or three rounds soon after each other, I was just hacking it around the course basically. So it’s just trying to get back to being consistent and steady."

Harris achieved a sizeable gain of 18 yards with the Callaway Epic driver but it was a lesson from Denis Pugh – one of 96 that the leading coach gave out on the day – that he took the most away from.

“It’s was brilliant,” he added. “I’ve been for lessons with a pro since I’ve come back but here, Denis has given me a couple of different things for me to work on so that’s been fantastic and it’s information I’ll certainly take onboard.

“He was telling me to straighten my body up and stand up a bit more and being honest, it does feel a little bit strange. But I was hitting the ball well and straight after he said what he did so if I keep doing that, I’ll be happy.”

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