Will Sands holes out and buys Callaway wedges

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Will Sands had been struggling to decide which wedges he wanted to invest in next. By the end of Kings of Distance, his mind was made up.

The 29-year-old, whose week-long stay at Lundin Links from Southampton was very conveniently timed to coincide with the event at St Andrews Links, ended up choosing Callaway’s Mack Daddy Forged wedges – for one good reason.

“I holed out,” he exclaimed. “And that was after telling people I was rubbish out of bunkers.

“I’ve needed new wedges for a while as my 60-degree is worn out flat but I’ve been struggling to decide. I’d said before the day that if I get the chance to try them and it goes well, I’d get some so after holing out, I felt obliged to buy them.”

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Sands took golf up just 18 months ago for ‘something to do’ and with being able to play every afternoon at his home club of Southampton Municipal due to working split shifts as a chef, remarkably, he already has his handicap down to nine.

And, as he looks to keep trimming that handicap further moving forward, he was fascinated to hear three-time European Tour winner Marc Warren speak about his putting routine and set-up.

“Listening to Marc Warren and how in-depth he goes when he steps up to a putt was very interesting. Most of us just walk up, place the putter down and hit it whereas every time he practices he measures the distance between his feet and the ball. They take it to that millimetre of precision which obviously makes a huge difference.”

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