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The golf shoe market can be a tough one to navigate. If you’re looking for new shoes in 2024, then the options are essentially endless, but two that perform very well are the Adidas Tour 360 ‘24 shoes and the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon shoes. But which pair should you be putting on your feet? 

On one hand, it’s hard to ignore the contribution that Adidas are making to the golf shoe market this year. They’ve launched a new iteration of their extremely popular Tour 360 range, and after wearing them for several rounds, I’m a big fan of how they look and how they perform. 

Meanwhile, the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon shoes are truly excellent. I got fitted for a pair of these at the start of the season and the technology, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in this piece, is truly impressive. 

But, which pair would I recommend that you wear this year? Let’s take a closer look. 

Three Stripes!
Credit: Adidas
adidas tour 360
Adidas Tour 360 '24
Stunning and sporty golf shoes that are in my rotation for 2024


  • Absolutely look the part with the classic three stripe design
  • Fit, performance and durability are probably the three most important things in a golf shoe and this covers all of them
  • An established brand that you can be sure will give you top quality


  • These are hard to fault
Available for £159 from Adidas

First up – we've done this in alphabetical order in the interests of fairness – is the Adidas Tour 360 ‘24 shoes. At first glance, these are unmistakably from Adidas, with the classic three stripes very apparent. I’m also a big fan of the green accent on the bottom of these, but if that’s not for you, then there are other colours available. These have been a popular range for a while now, but what’s new for 2024?  

Well, Adidas say that they’ve prioritised fit, durability and performance, and we like the sound of that. But how does it all work? Firstly, a comfortable fit comes from the 2.0 sockliner, which works well, along with the performance last technology, which helps to ensure a consistent fit across Adidas products. On that topic, these are available in medium and wide fits, ideal if you find Adidas shoes to be tight around your feet. There’s lots to get through on the performance side of things, but the seven-spike outsole is a big plus point. Finally, the waterproof leather upper is designed to be soft and protect you from the elements on the course.  

I’ve worn these for several rounds now, and I love them. I can confidently say that they are very stable and provide loads of traction. The spiked outsole is comprehensive in keeping your feet planted through the swing, which is great. Also, they look great, especially if you’re someone who likes a sporty look. These will be tough to beat, so let’s see what FootJoy has to offer.


The No.1 Shoe in Golf!
Credit: FootJoy
FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon image
FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon
The No.1 shoe in golf has changed their best selling model. And it's paid off!


  • Packed with fantastic new tech that really does help you in your swing
  • Supreme comfort thanks to thoughtful technology
  • A range of colourways to suit everyone


  • Need to really nit pick to find a fault here
Available for £189.99 from FootJoy

Next is the FootJoy Pro SL/X Carbon golf shoes. These are certainly a change from the previous iteration of this flagship model from FJ, and personally, that caught me a bit off guard. They certainly take a different look to the previous Pro/SLX range, but I think they look great. You can see they've been designed with technology at the forefront of them. FootJoy themselves acknowledge that the range is their most popular among golfers in Europe, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  
Well, FootJoy knew that they could make these better and that’s exactly what they did. These shoes feature a game-changing innovation, the PWR-Trax System. This features a moulded 3D ‘X-Wing’ that is engaged by swing forces to redistribute energy to the perimeter of the golf shoe, inspired by the wide base found in race cars to maximise perimeter stability and traction. Basically, as you swing, the shoe reacts to your movements, keeping your weight stable throughout the swing, meaning you’ll be balanced throughout. On the comfort side of things, the StratoFoam remains in the midsole of these shoes, which helps to transfer energy as you walk on the course, keeping your feet fresh. 

Overall, these are exceptional golf shoes. The team at FootJoy really did knock it out of the park with these. Despite being spikeless, the traction you receive from the outsole is top quality, while they’re incredibly comfortable. So, which pair am I going to be wearing this year on the course?  


The Verdict  

Firstly, let me say that both of these shoes are excellent options. No matter which one you go for, you’re going to get something that performs well and will keep you comfortable on the course. Both of them were no-brainers to include in our list of the best waterproof golf shoes of 2024. Having said that, there are plenty of differences.  

The FootJoy option in this match up definitely looks the wider of the two. This is no bad thing and actually inspires confidence to the wearer. Meanwhile, the Adidas Tour 360 is a fairly snug fit if you have wide feet. Again, this is all down to personal preference, but if I was opting for a pair of shoes for 36 holes in a day, the FootJoys would be tough to beat.  

In the looks department, I think it's a win for Adidas. Don’t get me wrong, I like the way the FJ’s look, but it’s tough to beat the classic three stripes. These are just stunning on your feet, especially in the white colourway with black stripes and green flashes. For aesthetics alone, the Adidas is a winner.  

But, which pair would I put on my feet if I was playing in the club championship? I’d be happy wearing either, but the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon comes out on top. Firstly, the stability that I feel from these is hard to match. You really do feel that the PWR-Trax system and 3D ‘X-Wing’ work to keep you stable and balanced throughout the swing.  

In fact, I actually think these have helped my swing, as they’ve stopped me from swaying too much in my backswing, a common fault in amateurs that I am plagued with. That is reason enough to wear them in competitive golf.

As well as that, I’ve felt great comfort in these. In the past, I might have found FootJoy golf shoes to be slightly abrasive on my heels, but there is no such issues with these. Comfortable straight from the box to the first tee.  

Traction, comfort and control was the aim with these, and FootJoy has delivered. 

A word on the Adidas Tour 360 ‘24 shoes. These are excellent, and I will wear them for rounds in 2024, I’ve no doubt. While I didn't have much experience with Adidas golf shoes in the past, those who have worn these and previous models say that they are only going from strength to strength. They are comfortable and thanks to the spiked outsole, provide amazing grip on any surface.  

However, when I’ve got a scorecard in my pocket, I’ll be reaching for the FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon shoes thanks to the stability and traction that they provide me with.

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