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When getting custom-fitted for a new set of golf clubs, there’s one thing that is often overlooked. But, getting the right grip on your new clubs is essential, and Golf Pride has several options to consider.

Have you ever thought about what golf grips you should be using? Is there a grip that’s better suited to you? Is it the right size? Are you losing shots because your grips are old and worn?

All these factors contribute to the outcome of your golf game, so it’s time for you to get a grip of your golf game. 

What golf grip should you use? 

Firstly, you want to identify the conditions you play in, the size of grip you need, as well as your preferred texture and firmness.

For example, you have the Golf Pride CPX, which is soft and tacky, perfect for people who struggle with arthritis and a great option for hot and dry climates.

Then you have the Golf Pride ZGRIP, which is Golf Pride’s firmest grip with a heavy corded texture, perfect when battling the elements.

Finally, you have the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, which is a common standard grip to use in all conditions, and the MCC grips which are hybrid grips, corded in the upper hand and fused with rubber in your lower hand.

There are also grips with additional features like ALIGN technology and the Plus4, which is thicker in the grip on your lower hand.

Golf Pride has so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits you.

Golf Pride 4-4-2 grip selector

How do you select a golf grip? If you’re not sure where to start, Golf Pride’s 4-4-2 grip selector is the best place. Here, they have four customer considerations, four key grip types and two additional technologies. Here’s a brief rundown on what you can focus on.

Customer Considerations

  • Size
  • Conditions
  • Surface Texture
  • Firmness

Key Grip Types

  • Soft and Tacky (CPX)
  • Velvet and Smooth (Tour Velvet)
  • Hybrid or half cord (MCC)
  • Full cord (ZGRIP)

Additional Technologies

  • ALIGN Technology
  • Plus4 Technology

Nothing feels like a fresh grip 

When you get a fresh set of clubs, nothing feels better than a fresh grip, even the smell of the fresh rubber is brilliant.

Nothing beats the feel of a new Tour Velvet or Tour Velvet ALIGN Golf Pride grip in your hands. You’re in total control of your game, and your game is ready for the next level. 

Why regrip your clubs? 

Regripping clubs is something you may think won’t make much of a difference but, in reality, it makes a huge difference. If you play regularly, you should change your grips every six months and clean your grips once a month to maintain the grip and tackiness.

If you’re playing all year round, you want to keep them clean so there’s no build-up of dirt, keeping them as grippy as possible. But when they start to show signs of wearing, it’s best to get your clubs regripped so you stay in control of your game. 

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Old Grips vs. New Grips – the stats

As well as giving you more confidence in your game, a new grip is proven to help you hit better shots out on the course.

In a test involving seventeen golfers, all with a handicap index of less than five, results showed that when golfers used a new grip compared to one that had been exposed to UV light, their average ball speed increased by 1.3mph, while the average carry length increased by 2.3 yards. 

As well as that, dispersion with the grip that had been exposed to UV light had players hitting shots that were up to 11% less accurate, showing that slipping is a real concern.

Golf Pride grips

Finally, 82% of the participants found that the new grip was secure to very secure in their hands. That number dropped to 24% with the old grips.

Stop dropping shots 

If you find that you’re dropping shots, it can be a number of things, but often a contributing factor is incorrect grips or worn grips.

We’ve all had that one club that we don’t want to take out, which is older but trustworthy, but the grip is like a bar of soap. You might not play often but have a set of clubs you’ve had for years, and when you play, you feel like the club is going to fly out of your hands.

This can cause you to drop shots and the solution is to get those grips changed, and with Golf Pride having 18 different options, you are spoiled for choice. 

For all the details on the Golf Pride Golf Selector, you can click here.

For more details on Golf Pride, you can click here.

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