Review: Improve your golf with the BAL.ON Smart Kit

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By James Tait Published: 2 days ago
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A gadget that is designed to get you moving better in your golf swing

Who's it for?

Golfers looking to improve their mechanics, hit it longer and play better golf

bunkered rating


  • 2mm thin insoles that are discreet
  • Nine sensors in each insole delivers data from your golf swing
  • BAL.ON app delivers data from live swings
  • Seven data points which give you a rating on what needs improvement


  • Nothing, it does what it says on the tin

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BAL.ON Smart Kit Review

If you are wanting to hit the ball further and learn more about how to use the ground effectively in your golf swing, then this is the device for you. Here’s our review of the BAL.ON Smart Kit.

When we talk about hitting golf shots further, we talk about ground force and that’s exactly what BAL.ON measures with its innovative design. Let’s take a closer look at how this all works.

The First Look

It comes in a great black protective case that holds everything perfectly in place, keeping it secure. Inside we have smart pods, charging cable and insoles.

The smart pressure insole that sits inside your shoe is black in colour and has a clip that sits on the side of your shoe. The clip-on side holds the two smart pods that pair with the app, which shows you your data. 

BAL.ON insole features nine sensors to show the weight distribution through out the swing |

BAL.ON Smart Pod and clip |


The Tech

The pressure soles have nine weight distribution sensors, making it a total of 18 sensors across both insoles. The insoles are only 2mm thin, meaning they’re not at all invasive. You won’t know they’re even there. What these sensors do is measure the weight distribution throughout your golf swing. Using Bluetooth, the smart pods connect to the app to give you live feedback of your swings using a heat map visual so you can see where you’re applying your pressure.

You can also pair this data up with a video in the app which uses artificial intelligence, for real swing time analysis giving you great visual feedback of your swing. You are given seven metrics which include set-up, backswing, rhythm, vertical timing, impact, max vertical and transition timing.

This feedback it going to highlight which part of your swing needs more focus and where there might be power leaks in your golf swing. With different clubs and swings you can get different ratings. This will also suggest drills on how to improve on specific areas where you may not be as strong in as other areas. You can also track your data progression.

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The bunkered Verdict

If you want to hit longer shots, and improve your mechanics, this is a brilliant piece of engineering and one of the best golf gadgets around.

You can identify where your pressure should be applied throughout your swing and if you have certain areas which need improvement, you get specific drills to help improve your weight distribution.

It’s easy to use and the app is brilliant. You essentially have two force plates that are easy to travel with and set up wherever you go. It’s a great way to improve your swing and hit better shots, more often. 

RRP: £549

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