Review: GEM Golf training aid

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By James Tait Published: 14 June 2024
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GEM stands for 'Golf's Essential Move.' Let's see what this is all about.

Who's it for?

Golfers who are tired of slicing the ball. So, a lot of us!

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  • Three rods to choose from for different abilities
  • Easy to attach on your clubs
  • Not intrusive on your clubs
  • Great visual aid with the Rod 3


  • none

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GEM Golf Training Aid Review

For a lot of golfers, the dream of hitting a draw is simply that. A dream. Well, that dream can be turned into a reality with the GEM Golf training aid. 

Inspired by Ben Hogan’s ability to release the golf club, the GEM, Golf’s Essential Move, teaches you how to release the golf club properly. 

It’s a very simple but effective design created by Scottish professional golfer Fraser Mann.

What was once a homemade training aid, made out of an old piece of shaft, some lead tape and a golf ball has been developed and engineered into something very refined. The box reads that ‘Your Golf Revolution Starts Here.’ Let’s see what it has to offer.

The First Look 

Inside the box is, as you can see below, three rods, which attach to the base of your grip, thanks to the holder, also in the box.

It does look fairly straightforward, and it really is easy to attach to your club. It comes with three different pins which can be attached, giving you three different options depending on how severe you want the assistance to be.

A closer look at the breakdown of the GEM
Here’s a closer look at the breakdown of the GEM Golf training aid. (Credit: Gem Golf)

The Tech 

You’re probably wondering how this all works.

The GEM training aid is designed to teach you how to release the club properly. It does this by getting your clubface in the right positions at takeaway, impact and followthrough.

When you attach the GEM to the club with the larger pin pointing down, keeping the face square with the weight of the GEM, when you take it back to waist height you will see and feel where the clubface should be. The weight of the GEM balances the club acting as a counter balance but what’s unique about it is when you take those practice swings you can feel how your hands and body should move. If you feel the GEM wobble on the way back or on follow through this means your hands are resisting the clubface from moving in the correct way.

The objective is to eliminate the wobble to get the proper release and create muscle memory. With three different rod lengths they allow for different levels of golfers to feel and get in the right positions to release the club.  

Only one end on GEM rod 3, has a thread as this is designed to be used without the weighted ball. Unlike the other two, the shortest rod should be fitted to the connector pointing skyward, keeping parallel to the leading edge of the clubface.  

The principle is exactly the same as with the other two longer rods, at waist height in the back swing the rod should be straight up and on the follow through the rod should be in a vertical position at hip height. 

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The bunkered Verdict 

I spent a whole day at Archerfield with Fraser Mann the designer of the G.E.M Golf training aid and Scotland’s No.1 YouTube Coach Steve Johnston and it was awesome.

As far as a training aids goes this is one of the best that I’ve used. It’s simple, easy to use and it eliminates that slice, something which I had been battling before using it. I had been struggling with a slice recently and within ten minutes I was hitting it straight, some even with a draw.

Swinging the GEM 10-15 times then hitting a few shots then going back to swinging it really helped me with better consistency and better ball striking.

It feels great in the hands, and you can really feel where the clubface is on the way back and on the way through. If you get your hands in the wrong position, you can feel it wobble and when you don’t feel it wobble you know you’re releasing the club correctly.

I’m a big fan of it, I think it’s a brilliant training aid that anyone can easily use. 

If you want to see it in action, keep an eye on our YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting a video from my day soon.

Available: Now

RRP: £120

More Details: CLICK HERE

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