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Not many golfers do one of these let alone both, but why does Aaron Rai wear two gloves and use iron covers?

Let’s start with the gloves.

Most of his peers typically wear just one glove on their lead hand, but Rai has always worn two.

And he has three key reasons for this…

Grip and consistency: Wearing gloves on both hands helps Rai maintain a consistent grip on the club, which is crucial for his performance. The additional glove can prevent slippage and ensure a more stable connection with the club, particularly in varying weather conditions where moisture could affect grip.

Comfort and protection: Rai has mentioned that he feels more comfortable and protected wearing two gloves. This extra layer can prevent blisters and reduce friction on both hands during a round of golf, allowing him to play without the distraction of discomfort or potential injury.

Personal preference: Like many aspects of an athlete’s routine, personal preference plays a significant role. Rai’s choice is partly based on what feels right for him and what he believes enhances his performance on the course.

As a young player in Wolverhampton, he was sent a pair of gloves by the manufacturer and it became a habit to wear both.

Once, when his dad forgot to pack both gloves for a tournament, it threw Rai off course.

“I had to play with one,” he recalls. “It was terrible. I couldn’t play, I couldn’t feel the grip, so I’ve always stuck with the two gloves ever since.”

As for the much-maligned iron covers – well, that’s a rather sweet story.

Again, as a child growing up in a working class family, Rai’s father always made sure that he had the top-of-the-range gear, even if he couldn’t afford it. Rai recalls a set of Titleist 690 MB irons that he knew was outside his usual price range.

“I cherished them,” Rai explains. “It started from the age of four, when my dad used to pay for my equipment. He paid for my membership, paid for my entry fees. It wasn’t money that we really had, to be honest, but he’d always buy me the best clubs.

“When we used to go out and practice, he used to clean every single groove afterward with a pin and baby oil, and, to protect the golf clubs, he thought it would be good to put iron covers on them, and I’ve pretty much had iron covers on all my sets ever since, just to kind of appreciate the value of what I have.”

While Rai gets his gear for free these days, it is something that’s always stuck with him.

“It’s more out of principle and it’s more out of just the value of not losing perspective of what I have and where I am,” he adds. “The covers are going to stay.”


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