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Finding the best pair of golf sunglasses involves a lot more than just trying to be the most stylish player on the course.

The game has some particular demands which need to be taken into consideration.

There’s the need for them to be secure and durable as you make your way around the course. And then there’s the unpredictability of the weather. No sooner have you donned your shades than a cloud comes along and you’ve got to take them off again.

Fortunately, there’s a brand of glasses out there which tackle all these issues, while still letting you cut a dash into the bargain.

So, what makes these the best golf sunglasses around?

Here are the three main reasons you should be making ActiveDim sunglasses your next golf accessory.

Light adjusting technology cuts out the guessing game

The lenses in ActiveDim sunglasses are made from a special photochromic material that automatically adjusts to the level of light. When the sun is shining strongly, the lens will get darker. If the skies above darken, the lens will get lighter.

That means they’re perfectly suited to Scotland’s “four seasons in one day” summers. Whatever the conditions, you’ll have perfect visibility and you’ll not be constantly whipping your shades on and off as the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds.

Extra clarity with polarised lenses

Another feature that makes ActiveDim among the very best golf sunglasses around is the polarised lenses.

Polarisation reduces glare, resulting in far greater visual clarity. It also increases contrast, making colours more vivid. So, while most sunglasses make the world around you a little darker and more uniform, ActiveDim glasses actually brighten it.

The white of your golf ball will stand out more starkly against the greenery of the course, making it easier to focus on, and your general vision of the landscape will be hugely enhanced.

The ActiveDim sunglasses’ multi-layer lens design also blocks all three ranges of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. That means you get 100% protection from the harmful effects of sun rays.

Excellent build quality and comfort

When it comes to build quality and durability, the ActiveDim glasses are once again a class leader. Their aluminum and magnesium alloy frames mean they are extremely strong but still lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The glasses also have an adjustable nose piece and spring hinges which ensure a perfect fit for all face shapes.

ActiveDim – a hit with customers

When it comes to the outstanding quality of these glasses, you don’t just have to take their word for it. ActiveDim has had more than 100 five-star reviews with an average rating of 4.6.

One customer wrote: “I bought two pairs and they still look brand new even though I’ve been using them almost daily for whole year… I have a feeling they will last me a lifetime!”

Another posted: “Got them for running. Ended up using them for everything.”

And another said: “Excellent! Fit is good, as you can make slight adjustments to the nose bridge. Look good and no need to keep taking off when the sun disappears. Will be getting a second pair.”

The ActiveDim glasses come in three styles – Hero, Pioneer and Aviator – costing £48 each. You get 40% off when you buy a second pair.

To find out more, visit the website.

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