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Innovative Scottish technology brand Shot Scope is cementing itself firmly within the heart of the Scottish golf industry after announcing a partnership with Fife Golf and its sponsorship of the 2017 Scottish Golf Awards.

Shot Scope’s (RRP: £185) advanced wristband allows you to
automatically track and monitor trends in your golf game without
interrupting play, thanks to simple-to-install lightweight club tags
placed in the end of your grip.

Round and hole analysis will help to identify the strengths and
weaknesses in your golf game. Operating in the background, it provides
insights previously only available to the top tour professionals.

Key Benefits

• Interaction free – play your game and let the wristband work in the background

• Enhanced statistical information by using PinCollect

• Easy upload using Bluetooth or USB to the app or online platform

• Track your improvement and gain insights into your game

• Join the community and compete against other golfers

Shot Scope

Shot Scope has taken
a huge step forward in helping to celebrate golf in Scotland and
promote advancements in the game by forming these new partnerships.

David Hunter, CEO of Shot Scope, said: “By partnering with Fife Golf,
we can work closely with some of the most prestigious courses in the
country, and we’re excited to see the product flourish in the area.

We’re excited to see the product flourish

“We’re also immensely proud to be sponsoring the 2017 Scottish Golf Awards Player of the Year accolade.

“The awards are at the heart of celebrating Scottish success in golf
and acknowledging the contributions made to the game by the best players
in the country.”

Since its launch to market in January 2016, the brand has experienced
high praise within the industry and as of the beginning of February,
has begun fulfilling orders from more than 70 golf clubs in Scotland who
want to stock Shot Scope in their shops.

A Shot Scope pack includes:

• Wristband

• 20 Lightweight tags weighing only 1.2g

• 1 x USB cable

• Free iOS/Android App

• Free user account

• 12 months warranty

For more information, visit

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