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There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re playing golf, it’s warm and sunny… and the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Fortunately, Abacus has the perfect solution courtesy of its Bounce range – the perfect summer rain wear.

Comprised of three pieces – a waterproof hoodie, waterproof shorts and waterproof half-zip rain shirt – you’re covered no matter what the weather does.

Keep away the rain

The Bounce range is waterproof, breathable and features a four-way stretch fabric that allows you to swing without feeling restricted, delivering comfort and performance. It’s lightweight, wrinkle-free, and easy to store in your bag.

The entire range features jackets, shirts, hoodies, trousers and shorts, all with water-repelling tech.

Keep dry… and look good

The waterproof hoodie, above, is a smart new look from the Swedish brand. When the temperature drops in the evening, or you get caught in a shower in warmer weather, this a perfect option.

The fabric features water repellent coating on the outside and it an inner membrane that allows body heat to escape to keep you feeling cool. The inner lining is soft and comfortable on the skin and, with the four-way stretch, you get unrestricted movement throughout your swing.

It’s also lightweight, easy to pop in your bag and ideal for all year-round use.

Get the most out of your swing

When it’s warm and wet, it can be unpleasant to wear long sleeve waterproofs as you can get too hot and feel restricted.

The Bounce half-zip short sleeve rain shirt eliminates that by giving you freedom of movement with its four-way stretch material, backed by its water repellent fabric.

A rain shirt that’s easy to put on and off due to it not being lined gives you the ability to play in the wet and stay comfortable.

Keep your shorts dry

Wearing shorts in the hotter weather is only natural – but when it’s warm and wet, waterproof trousers are not necessarily ideal. Abacus has solved that with the new Bounce waterproof shorts.

Like the other items in the range, these shorts are water repellent and feature four-way stretch. Ideal to keep you dry, cool and comfortable when you’re caught in the rain.

For details of the full range of Abacus Sportswear’s SS23 golf apparel and accessories, visit

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