Dan Blackwell talks up ‘unforgettable’ day at KoD

Dan Blackwell

Dan Blackwell hailed an unforgettable day at Kings of Distance as he helped to lead his team to a Callaway Rogue driver each.

In the finale of Callaway’s experiential golf day at Stockport Golf Club, Blackwell – alongside fellow white team member Rudi Ryan – launched lengthy drives to pip the red team by just a handful of yards.

It was the perfect end to the perfect day for the 32-year-old, who earlier in the day had seen a 12-yard gain with the Rogue driver. That was even after recently spending hundreds of pounds on a brand new driver model from another brand.

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“I didn’t think I’d end up gaining any distance, bearing in mind I’d just bought a new driver from another brand and been fitted for it, but I gained 12 yards with the Rogue so I might have to do a trade-in,” he said at the time.

Dan Blackwell1

But he didn’t need to do a trade-in at all as the three-handicapper, who said he regularly drives the ball more than 300 yards, delivered when it mattered most in front of a hundred onlookers.

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“There was a lot of pressure, especially considering I was representing my entire team and trying to win them a new driver,” he added.

“They certainly were not the best drives I’ve ever hit but I’m just so glad Rudi and myself managed to do enough for the win. It is without a doubt the highlight of an unforgettable day.”

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