Freddie Buxton gains an astonishing 53 yards at KoD

Kod18@mike Dsc 4564

Freddie Buxton was the biggest gainer at Kings of Distance 2018, hitting the Rogue an incredible 53 yards further than his current driver.

A 17 handicapper, Freddie was delighted that the entire day surpassed his initial expectations.

“At the beginning of the day I wasn’t too sure what to expect but there has been a great mix of getting involved, hitting shots, trying out the latest Callaway clubs, whilst also listening to the tour pros and picking up handy tips that will help me out on the course,” explained Freddie.

He continued, “One of the highlights of the day has to be going up against Thomas Peiters in the closest to the pin challenge. It’s not often you get to rub shoulders with a Ryder Cup star.”

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The 96 golfers that attended the event at Stockport Golf Club gained a total of 1432.5 yards whilst testing out Callaway’s brand-new Rogue drivers. Freddie alone managed to gain an astonishing 53 yards, going from a 220 total with his current driver to 273 yards with the Rogue.

Ko D Freddie

Freddie said, “53 yards is simply mind boggling. I hope there is a prize for the biggest gain because I really want that driver in my bag now.”

Luckily enough for Freddie he was the biggest gainer on the day, and did indeed receive the prize of the brand-new, custom fit Rogue driver. It’s safe to say Freddie left the event a very happy man.

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