Hudson’s first driver custom-fit leads to huge gains

Jamie Hudson

The importance of custom fitting was laid bare for all 96 attendees at Callaway’s Kings of Distance event at Stockport Golf Club to see earlier this week.

Few saw the benefits more than ten-handicapper Jamie Hudson, who gained more than 30 yards in what was his first driver custom-fit experience.

In the short time Hudson was with his Callaway fitter, he jumped from 271 to 303 yards and, having been in the market for a driver for a while now, he found the experience to be eye-opening.

“I’ve had my current driver for a number of years now and I feel like I get a bit too much spin with it and obviously with that, you lose some distance,” he explained.

“I wanted to try something a little bit different to see if I could gain a few yards and also some more control as well. I’ve never had a custom fitting for a driver before and it was very good.

Jamie Hudson1

“The Callaway guy who was with me knew straight away that the shaft I’ve got in my current driver isn’t heavy enough. I’ve got an extra stiff shaft which he said was fine but it was too soft. From changing the club and the shaft, I’ve gained 32 yards, which I’m very happy about.”

So does that mean Hudson is considering going Rogue?

“Without question,” he added. “The dilemma I had was whether to go for a Rogue, an Epic or one other brand’s, but I really enjoyed using the Rogue today and it’s definitely something I’m going to consider.”

Attendees of the fifth staging of Callaway’s Kings of Distance event gained a total of 1,432.5 yards.

The 96 golfers who entered the Driver Zone – one of eight ‘zones’ in the event at Stockport Golf Club - played with their normal driver before being fitted into a Callaway Rogue driver, with the substantial gains leaving a serious impression on where they should head for their next driver.

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