Hudson's handicap plummets after 'crazy' Rogue gains

Jamie Hudson1

Kings of Distance attendee Jamie Hudson says his handicap has tumbled into single figures just weeks after receiving his Callaway Rogue driver, describing his distance gains as ‘crazy’.

The 27-year-old was part the winning White Team after teammates Dan Blackwell and Rudi Ryan produced heroics in the long drive finale at Stockport Golf Club, earning all 12 team members a Rogue driver each, which they had been custom-fitted for earlier in the day in the Driver Zone.

In that zone, Hudson gained 32 yards – the eighth most of the 96 attendees – and, just weeks receiving his new big stick, is already reaping the benefits.

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“My handicap has come down a shot and a half already,” beamed Hudson, whose handicap was ten at the Kings of Distance event on May 2. “With the extra yardage, I’m hitting wedges into greens rather than 7-irons.

Jamie Hudson2

“It’s just so much easier and the gains have been crazy. I’m now getting the Rogue 3-wood because of how well the driver has performed for me. It just feels like I don’t need to go at it that much and I get an extra 20 to 30 yards each time. The only way I can describe it is that it feels rock solid.”

Before the day, Hudson had never used Callaway clubs before – only balls – and was surprised just how good the day turned out to be.

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“I was very surprised,” he added. “Watching how the pros hit the ball, move the ball and how Callaway helps them with the tour truck was really interesting.

“To try out a myriad of different clubs – not just the driver – and see how you could get extra distance with all of them was so good. It was just a really eye-opening day in seeing the advantages of using Callaway clubs.”

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