Johnny Shepherd: ‘My mates missed out big time on KOD’

Johnny Shepherd

Johnny Shepherd has described his Callaway Kings of Distance experience as ‘unbelievable’ and says his mates, who forgot to apply for the event, missed out big time!

The 40-year-old, who is captain of Haigh Hall Golf Club near Wigan, was part of the Red Team whose 12 members just missed out on winning a Callaway Rogue driver each after finishing runner-up in the finale.

In the end, it was the White Team that emerged victorious and, despite the disappointment, Shepherd chose instead to focus on the eye-opening day that he’d just enjoyed.

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“I think we missed out by just seven yards,” he said. “That was tough to take and it would have been the cherry on top of what had been an unbelievable day.

“On the way home, I was stuck in the rush hour traffic and I was my overriding thoughts were, ‘Seven yards; we were just seven yards away from winning a Rogue driver’.

Johnny Shepherd1

“But the day we had, all the different zones, and I got a couple of balls signed by the guys there, it was fantastic. When I next visited my golf club, my mates were asking me about the day. They were asking, ‘Did it cost you anything?’ I was like, ‘No, not a penny’ and they were gutted. They missed out big time!”

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One of the things Shepherd’s pals missed out on was a bunker clinic from Alvaro Quiros which, he said, was one of the highlights of his day.

“Bunkerplay is something I really struggle with and I’ve been having lessons about it,” he continued. “I’ve been getting better but to have Alvaro there and have him reaffirm some of the pointers my coach had given me was so helpful. He made sure to spare time for everybody in our group who wanted to chat, too. He was a total gent.”

The ultimate golf day

Johnny Shepherd described the day as 'unbelievable' and here's a flavour of what goes on at a Callaway Kings of Distance event.

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