Marc Warren and his Epic driver gains


The new Great Big Bertha Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers have caused quite the stir since the rumours surfaced towards the end of last year of a truly game-changing driver from Callaway.

The new and revolutionary Jailbreak technology in these drivers can drastically increase your ball speed, helping you to hit the ball further off the tee than ever before.

At Kings of Distance 2017,there were some truly astonishing gains in distance achieved by the amateurs who were lucky enough to be invited along. It’s not only the amateurs, however, who are benefitting.

We sat down with Callaway staffer Marc Warren to get his thoughts on the hottest driver in golf.

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Marc Warren2

When did you first hear about the Epic?

“At last year’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship a few of Callaway’s guys came over from the States to talk us through the new technology that was going to be in the Epic. As you can expect at the time, it was all a bit secretive and under wraps.

“They described to me the figures they were getting during the testing process, which were impressive to say the least, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see for myself.”

My average carry last year was about 285 to 290,  now with the Epic it’s 300+.

- Marc Warren

When did you first get your hands on it?

“I received a fitting at the beginning of December and noticed a little bit of improvement. At that point, I was a few weeks into my winter break so decided to go for another fitting just before my first event of the season in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship).

"It was after this in-depth testing and fitting I saw what the Epic and Jailbreak really had to offer.” 

Marc Warren3

What kind of numbers were you getting?

“I was seeing gains of between four and six miles per hour in ball speed. My average carry last year was about 285 to 290, now with the Epic it’s 300+.

“I also loved the dispersion with the new driver. To get that extra speed and distance, without compromising accuracy, in only a day’s testing, was phenomenal.”

How has this added yardage helped you?

“First week playing in Abu Dhabi I was taking lines and carrying bunkers off the tee that I had no shot at before, that’s what the Epic has done for me.”

For the guys at the top of the game, even the smallest gains can make a massive difference to how they perform on the biggest stage.

That why we’ve seen so many tour pros, including Marc and also Rory McIlroy, put the Epic in the bag this season and repeatedly singing its praises.

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