Mark Smith delighted to have a shot with Thomas Pieters’ 9-iron

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Mark Smith, along with the other 95 golfers to attend Callaway Kings of Distance 2018, was given the chance to go head-to-head with one of the European Tour’s top pros in a special Beat the Pro Challenge.

Mark is a member of Stockport Golf Club and plays to a handicap of five. When we asked him what his highlight of the day was, he didn’t have to think about it for long.

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“Going up against Thomas Pieters in the Beat the Pro Challenge was brilliant. I even got the chance to use his 9-iron,” explained mark.

Throughout the day, all 96 golfers in attendance were given the chance to go up against European Tour pros, Thomas Pieters, David Horsey or Alvaro Quiros in the Beat the Pro Challenge on the par-3 16th hole at Stockport Golf Club.

Mark continued, “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it inside his shot but it was a lot of fun watching the rest of the team attempt to beat a Ryder Cup player.”

Mark managed to gain an impressive 10 yards whilst being fitted for the Callaway Rogue drivers, going from a total of 278 yards to 288.

All of the 96 golfers to attend the event at the beginning of May were also given the opportunity to watch two-time World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller put on a master class in power off the tee.

“Watching Joe Miller tee of was incredible. It is ridiculous how far he hits the ball,” said Mark.

He added: “If I have time to out get to the range then I’ll definitely try and put into practice the tips he had for us. I know that I’ve got more distance in me, so hopefully what he has said about increasing my turn will help me add yards.”

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