Microhinge Insert technology will help you hole more putts

Odyssey Putter

Odyssey has been at the forefront of putter technology and innovation ever since launching its initial line of white hot putters in 2000. The No.1 putter brand in golf since 2010, in that time odyssey putters have racked up 495 worldwide tour wins (81 of which coming on the PGA Tour) and over $697 million in prize money.

Odyssey’s latest line of O-Works putters  feature innovative face technology that has revolutionised the way the ball rolls off the putter face. Conventional putter faces enable the ball to ride the face slightly at impact, causing backspin and sending the ball into a skid for the first 10 inches of the putt. This leads to inconsistent speeds off the face and less accurate putts. Odyssey’s new Microhinge Insert technology gives the perfect solution to this problem.

2 Ball

A 304 stainless steel hinge plate, backed by a thermoplastic elastomer layer, lifts the ball into a better roll at impact, boosting consistency and helping you to hole more putts.

Robot testing carried out by Odyssey indicated the new O-works putters provided almost twice as much forward-spin as Odyssey’s Fusion RX insert putters. By using a precise 23-step production process, the face insert is softer than the average tour ball, providing an exceptionally soft and satisfying feel that should appeal to golfers of all types.

It has, quite simply, created a whole new way in which the golf ball rolls off the putter face

- Austie Rollinson

Chief designer at Odyssey, Austie Rollinson, said: “The Microhinge is incredibly difficult to manufacturer but it has, quite simply, created a whole new way in which the golf ball rolls off the putter face, meaning performance is taken to a completely new, previously unattainable, level.”


In addition to this major advancement in face insert technology, Odyssey’s new Versa-T alignment system will help to make you more accurate as well. Versa-T combines both the alignment benefits of Versa’s contrasting black and white colour scheme and Big T alignment lines, making it extremely easy to determine precisely where the face is aimed.

Phil Ryder Cup

The new range has already established a firm position on tours across the globe, with many pros deciding to put the latest offerings from Odyssey straight in the bag.

Phil Mickelson immediately embraced the new technology saying, “Better roll. Softer feel. Easiest transition ever,” after Odyssey’s chief designer, Austie Rollinson, put a Microhinge face insert into his Versa #9 before the Ryder Cup. As we know, ‘Lefty’ went on to use this new technology to deadly effect, going 2-1-1 at Hazeltine, helping the Americans to secure the cup for the first time since 2008.

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