Odyssey O-Works putters give revolutionary roll

Odyssey O-Works putters give revolutionary roll

The new Odyssey O-Works putter range has an insert technology that promises to change the way people look at roll off the putter face forever.

The range has capitalised on the overwhelming success of the White Hot insert to create the Microhinge  face insert, increasing top spin which is destined to give you a better roll.

Its Elastomer insert has been moulded with a new stainless steel surface. The individual hinges flex on impact, lifting the ball to produce that much desired top spin.

As well as the new Microhinge insert, the major-winning Versa alignment technology is better than ever before, while a counterbalance weight, heavier heads and heavier shafts quieten the hands and engage the bigger muscles to give more stability at impact, leading to a more consistent stroke.

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