Paul Todkill: “I was expecting a hard sell… but it was nothing like that”

Paul Todkill

Paul Todkill arrived at Kings of Distance with a bit of a negative preconception about what he thought the annual Callaway day would have in store.

But for the 15-handicapper, he was glad that he couldn’t have been more wrong as he mixed it with the tour pros and enjoyed one of the best golf days he’s ever had.

“I was expecting it to be more of a hard sell and we would be forced into buying the latest gear,” he explained, “but it was nothing like that at all. Everything was so chilled out and enjoyable.”

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Teeing it up as part of the Red Team, Todkill’s first station on the day was the Driver Zone, where he was fitted into the new Callaway Rogue driver. After a couple of tweaks from the fitter, in matter of minutes he had gained a sizeable 17 yards.

“I’ve had my current driver for a while – around five years anyway – and if there’s one piece of gear in my bag that needs upgraded, it’s that.

“In my first few shots, I was hitting a slice quite regularly so the fitter set it up with a greater draw bias and, after that, the ball was going so much straighter so I was very impressed with how the Rogue performed for me.”

Sadly, Todkill’s Red Team ended up just seven yards short of the White Team in winning the overall prize – a Rogue driver for each team member – but that didn’t take away from a memorable day, with a highlight being able to meet the likes of Joe Miller, Dave Horsey and Alvaro Quiros.

“Watching Joe was incredible,” he continued. “I’d heard of him before but only recently started finding out a bit more about him. To see him strike the ball and for it to disappear out of sight was amazing.

“The overall interaction with the pros was fantastic, too. Dave Horsey gave me some putting tips and I had my picture taken with him and Alvaro. It was just a brilliant day.”

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