Paul Wain had a very special reason for attending Kings of Distance 2018

Pain Wain With David Horsey

Like most of the 96 golfers who attended Callaway Kings of Distance 2018, Paul Wain turned up hoping that the experience would help him to pick up some vital yards off the tee/

Unlike the rest of the attendees, however, the Derby man had extra reason to want to leave hitting the ball further.

Closing the distance gap between he and his 14-year-old son.

“He’s a county junior and hits the ball a country mile,” laughed 52-year-old civil servant Wain. “So, if I can go back home and start hitting it a little closer to him, that would be great.”

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Considering that, by the end of the day, he had picked up an extra 12 yards, that would have to be classed as ‘Mission: Accomplished’.

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Wain, who has been playing golf for over 20 years, applied to take part in Kings of Distance at Stockport Golf Club this year after enjoying of the coverage from the 2017 event at St Andrews from afar.

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“It looked like a fantastic day, so when I saw it come up again I was keen to get involved,” added the nine-handicapper. “It more than lived up to my expectations, particularly the chipping lesson from David Horsey.

"It’s the weakest part of my game and I found what David showed us really helpful, so I’ll definitely be taking that into my own game. I’ll be working hard on it and hopefully it’ll help to bring my handicap down.”

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