Ryan Alcock lauds 'fantastic' Peter Barber lesson

Ryan Alcock

Five-handicapper Ryan Alcock headed to Peter Barber’s Lesson Zone at Kings of Distance with a good idea of where he needed to improve with his game.

And, in his two-minute lesson, Barber – the former European Tour pro and current head professional at Didsbury Golf Club – gave him a vital tip that he’s certain he’ll work on in the coming weeks and months.

“My lesson was so good,” Alcock beamed. “Peter gave me a really good tip. I have a problem getting a little bit flippy on it so he told me to watch Tommy Fleetwood and use his swing as a bit of a drill in terms of getting my body to turn with the ball rather than getting too far in front of it so, yeah, it was fantastic.”

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“It’s something that I’ve been working on due to a bit of a swing change so it struck a chord with me. That explanation and giving me something visual to watch makes a big difference so I’m definitely going to work on that on the range.”

So, what did Alcock make of the overall experience?

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“It’s been really, really good,” he added. “Right from the club fitting and seeing how that can make a difference, right through to putting tips and listening to Alvaro Quiros making everything sound so simple when it comes to bunkerplay, it was just an amazing day.

“It’s all-round game improvement tips delivered in a simple to understand and in a friendly, enjoyable manner with no pressure.”

Alvaro Quiros putting clinic

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