Sam Thompson gains FIFTY yards by going Rogue

Sam Thompson1

Sam Thompson could soon be adding the Callaway Rogue driver to a purchase of the Rogue irons after picking up a whopping 50 extra yards at Kings of Distance 2018.

The 42-year-old, who plays off 13, bought the Rogue Pro set just a week before arriving at Stockport Golf Club for the annual Callaway event and, after making the gains he did, he reckons it won’t be long before the woods are added to his bag, too.

“I’d never tried the woods before and that was a real eye-opener,” said Thompson, a member at Ecclestone Park in St Helens. “The Roguewas lighter and it just felt effortless. Pros say to swing it and let the club do the work and that was really the case here.

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“I’m not a particularly big hitter anyway so to see that much of a difference was massive. In going through the short fitting process, my dispersion was also a lot tighter. If I had the money right now, I’d go and get a Rogue driver, while the day has definitely changed my opinion on golf clubs.”

Sam Thompson

Thompson gained the second-most distance of the 96 attendees on the day – three yards behind Freddie Buxton’s 53-yard gain – and while he was delighted with that result, his highlight of the day was in the Lesson Zone with Peter Barber.

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“That was so good,” he added. “He said my swing was good but gave me a tip to strike down more on the ball, which was very helpful and is ingrained in my head now when I’m over the ball.

“All-round, it was such a well-organised event and all of the stations were so enjoyable with lots to learn at each of them. To get insight from tour pros and listen to their thought process was so interesting and the opportunity to try all of the equipment and get professional advice in that sense was priceless.”

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