Sandra Carlborg helps Martin Kemp gain yards

Ko D Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp came to Kings of Distance 2018 looking to embrace everything the unique event had to offer.

Martin himself admits to not being the biggest hitter, but prides himself on his consistency. He was lucky enough to receive some handy advice from the five times World Long Drive Champion, Sandra Carlborg, on how he can hit the ball significantly further. 

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“I got some really useful advice form Sandra about how to increase my distance. I’ve only got a half a swing so she has given me great fitness and exercise tips on how I can get my body moving more,” said Martin.

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He added: “She says I should be able to add about 30 yards onto my irons and woods quite easily just by increasing my shoulder turn. I can now take what she has said, put it into practice at the range and out on the course and hopefully start hitting the ball a little further.”

Martin was looking forward to testing out the brand new Callaway Rogue Drivers and seeing if he could add distance to the driver he recently purchased.

“The driver fitting was a great experience. I definitely felt confident hitting the new rogue driver because I knew it was fitted perfectly to my swing,” explained Martin.

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He continued, “I gained 16 yards and the driver felt good on every single shot. I was getting great feedback from each shot and I knew immediately how good I had struck the ball. It was also a very consistent driver, as most of the drives I hit were about 16 yards longer. I don’t think my current driver will be in the bag in a few weeks time.”

Martin’s final words on the day were, “For anyone who is thinking of entering for Kings of Distance next year I would say it is an absolute must. The entire day has been truly fantastic.” 

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