Sebastien Gros shares secret to long drives

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Callaway staffer Sebastien Gros has shared the secrets to his long driving, with it all coming from a phrase drilled into him when he was a youngster.

“Hit it as strong as you are stupid, that’s what it was,” he told with smile at the recent Kings of Distance event at St Andrews Links. “When I was younger, all the guys in my local team told me to do that and that I wasn’t to worry as it’d go far no matter what.

“I’ve always tried to hit it far,” continued Gros, who averaged sixth on the European Tour’s driving distance in 2016 with 311 yards. “What made me smile on the golf course was just trying to smash it as far as I could and get longer than the previous drive.

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It might not be quite the phrasing your local teaching professional may come out with but it’s clearly worked for Gros, who is now enjoying his second full season on the European Tour having got there the hard way after two years on the Alps Tour, and a year apiece on the Asian and Challenge Tours.

And he admits that he wouldn’t have got to where he is now without his Callaway equipment. The 27-year-old has been an official Callaway staffer since graduating to the European Tour but has had 14 of the brand’s clubs in his bag for the past seven to eight years.

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“It’s the best – it’s as simple as that,” he said. “Being in the gym and doing good exercises has helped me get longer off the tee, but the advance in technology of the Callaway drivers has been amazing.”

Last month, the Frenchman went viral on social media after he recreated the famous Phil Mickelson flop shot, holing his effort at the eighth attempt before running away in celebration.

But how can you recreate it? “Well, if you want to play the shot out on the course, you need some bad luck because a ball doesn’t usually stay on such a steep slope,” he said.

“After that, it’s all about physics. You need to get the shaft behind the ball to get more loft. Open the face the maximum amount that you can. Strike the ball as hard as you can with the aim of getting the ball as high as possible. I would love to get the opportunity to do it in a round.”

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