Steven Todd amazed by ‘inhuman’ Miller

Steven Todd

Like a handful of golfers at Stockport Golf Club for Kings of Distance 2018, Steven Todd was lucky in that he was enjoying his second experience of Callaway’s annual golf day.

The 54-year-old, who is a member at Brookdale Golf Club in Manchester, attended the event when it was held at The Belfry two years ago and, just like then, the day certainly didn’t disappoint.

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“I didn’t what to expect two years ago but when I got there, it was a really big surprise,” he said. “ It was a fun-packed day and everyone really enjoyed themselves and took something away that they could use again and again.

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“This year, I made sure to apply as it’s quite close to where I live and the course is beautiful. It’s been really well organised, the food’s been fantastic, I’ve had some great people on my team and the overall experience has been equally as good, if not better, than at The Belfry.”

So what did Todd – a 12-handicapper – take most out of the day?

“Even though I was here two years ago, you still forget certain things and to have some of those tips re-emphasised, it’s very useful," he said.

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“Joe Miller - he’s just inhuman. Watching him and the distance he gets, it’s crazy. He told us that to hit it further, you have to strike up on the ball, get your angles right, get your shoulders turning more and it’s that shoulder turn that generates the power and it’s equally important as swing speed.

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“What he said was very helpful and hopefully I’ll be able to apply some of it into my game after today.”

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