Stockport captain hopes Kings of Distance can rid 'stuffy' image


The captain of Stockport Golf Club is hopeful that its staging Callaway Kings of Distance can help to rid the club of a ‘stuffy’ image.

Leslie Jowsey, 77, took part in the event as part of the Navy Team and played a significant part – alongside the club’s PGA professional Gary Norcott – in helping the event come to the North West.

In welcoming close to 100 golfers to the Cheshire course, he believes that the day itself - and the media coverage to follow - will continue to improve the public image of the club.

“Kings of Distance is a very prestigious event and we class ourselves as a very prestigious, traditional club,” said. “But we’re always looking to raise our profile and think this will raise the bar.

“Like a lot of clubs in the UK, we’ve had a declining membership and I think we were perceived from the outside as being full – and possibly a bit stuffy too. But we’re quite the opposite.

Stockport Gc

“We’re traditional, yes – but we’re certainly not ‘stuffy’ – and events like this will only help to dispel the myth. We're actively on the lookout for members.”

While keen to make sure the running of the event at the club went smoothly, Jowsey also found time to enjoy the eight zones on offer during the day and, like most people, was surprised how the Callaway Rogue driver benefited his game.

“I’ve added another ten yards,” he beamed. “I’ve had my other driver for about seven years but it’s clear technology has moved on and I think I’ll almost certainly be getting myself a Callaway Rogue.

“I’m going to go home now and ask my wife for the pin number! In all seriousness, it’s been a fantastic day today and all I’m going to add is that this has helped make 2018 a great year for me to be captain.”

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