The 2017 Kings of Distance Champions

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Every member of the 2017 Kings of Distance winning team  took home a brand new Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver. We spoke to a few members of the triumphant white team and got their thoughts on the day. 

To close the event the longest and fourth longest member of each team were given the chance to win a brand new custom fit Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver, not only for themselves, but for the rest of their teammates as well.  Hitting two drives each, the longest distance from each of their best drives were combined, with the biggest hitters taking home the prizes.

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Chris Clark led the white team with an astonishing average drive total of 340 yards and was crucial in securing his team a brand new custom fit Epic driver each.

We asked Chris what it as like to hit in front of a large crowd. “There was bit of pressure out there with all of my teammates hoping we’d bring home the goods,” he explained. “We had a bit of an advantage going first but it was pretty nerve-racking hitting in front of a crowd like that and then having to watch rest of the teams try and catch us.”

It’s nice to not only have won it for myself but to also play a part in helping the 11 other members of my team head home with a brand new Epic driver.

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Elliot Dole travelled all the way up from London to attend the event in St Andrews. With an average drive of 303 yards, he was fourth longest in his team and played a key role in winning a new Epic for every member of the white team.

“It’s nice to not only have won it for myself but to also play a part in helping the 11 other members of my team head home with a brand new Epic driver,” he told

Whilst discussing his teammates, Elliot said: “I’m usually a big hitter, but the fact I was only fourth longest just shows how strong a team we had.”

Jake Calder

Jake Calder has a handicap of three and plays at Dullatur Golf Club. When asked about how he felt being part of the winning team, he said: “This is just the icing on the cake. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived this morning but without a doubt the day has surpassed all of my expectations.

“The fitting for the Epic was really interesting. My dispersion was much better, the flight was more consistent and I gained 15 yards. I was hitting my own driver perfectly fine but who can say no to 15 extra yards.”

Sean Singer

Shaun Singer, who is a member of staff at the St Andrews Links Academy and a St Andrews native, had recently been fitted for an Epic before KoD and had placed one on order just days before attending the event.

“The dispersion, loft and spin rate is the big thing for me with the Epic. I don’t like to be too bogged by down the numbers but I really like the feel of the Epic,” he explained. “It’s been cool just to be part of a special event like this,” before saying he would have to speak to Callaway about cancelling his order as soon as possible.

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