The story behind Jailbreak Technology

Gbb Epic

Jailbreak Technology is the result of almost four years of research by Callaway’s industry-leading R&D team. The performance-enhancing results of which can be experienced by all golfers, regardless of ability or swing speed.

Epic’s innovative Jailbreak Technology changes how the crown, sole and face behave at impact to promote significantly faster ball speed for more distance. Jailbreak’s genesis lies in Callaway’s Gravity Core technology. Used in the Big Bertha Alpha and Big Bertha 816 Double Black Diamond drivers, Gravity Core employed a cylindrical tube inside the head, anchored to the crown and sole. Gravity Core technology created a surprising side effect: it changed the performance characteristics of the face in a way Callaway engineers didn’t understand.

Gbb Epic Driver Sole B 2016 42201560 A237 5X7 Rgb

Intrigued, they launched an advanced research project to understand the effect of connecting the crown and sole on the face of the driver. They determined that the Gravity Core tube effectively stiffened the sole and crown, preventing them from bulging outward at impact. They explored ways to create a better “connector” that would more effectively restrict the deformation of the crown and sole and redirect that energy to the clubface. More than 100 hundred computer models were mapped and over 40 prototype variants tested. 

Epic Tech

The optimum combination and configuration was incorporated into the GBB Epic and GBB Epic Sub Zero drivers. Two slender, 3-gram titanium bars are positioned near the inner side of the face but not touching it. Jailbreak bars effectively stiffen the crown and sole so that the face assumes more of the load of impact. The weight Jailbreak Technology adds to the head had to be saved elsewhere, which is achieved with Callaway’s innovative head construction that combines a titanium exoskeleton with a triaxial carbon crown and sole. The crown of the Epic driver weighs just 9.7g, which allows for both Jailbreak Technology as well as an extremely high MOI for great forgiveness.

Epic Crown

The manner in which Jailbreak Technology redirects energy from the sole and crown into the clubface is known as “energy lensing.” It’s what allows Epic to transfer more of the power of impact into the ball to promote more ball speed and distance. This increased power is spread across the face, making Epic exceptionally long on off-centre hits as well as centre hits. No matter your clubhead speed, you will see the benefits of Jailbreak Technology and the serious distance gains it provides.

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