Wilshaw hails 'tremendous' KoD putting lesson

Chris Wilshaw

It may be called Kings of Distance – but Chris Wilshaw believes a five-minute putting lesson is what he gained most from the event at Stockport Golf Club.

Wilshaw had the lesson on a TrackMan device, which provides groundbreaking data on each player’s putting stroke, and he found it so beneficial that he believes a simple tweak will save him six to seven strokes per round.

“I have a major problem on the greens,” admitted Wilshaw, a member at Mottram Hall. “I three-putt the majority of holes. I’ve just been taught to change my grip ever so slightly and, using the TrackMan, it’s straightened me up and I’ve been given a bit of a routine to go through.

“I’m relatively confident, even after just five minutes, that I will two-putt most greens now rather than three-putt. It’s really, really helped me tremendously.

“I honestly think it’ll save me six to seven shots per round and that, coupled with Dave Horsey’s clinic, has made it an exceptional zone for me.”

Of course, putting was just one of eight zones on the day. So, what did the 54-year-old make of the rest of them?

“Getting measured up for the driver was very interesting, going on the truck and seeing what they do on tour was exceptional and, as for Joe Miller, he’s a freak of nature – and I mean that in the most lovely way. All in all, it’s been a tremendous event.”

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