Create an athletic-ready set-up

2013 08 Jowett B

Build the perfect base to improve your swing's efficiency and dynamism

As with any golf shot, a fundamentally sound set-up provides the perfect base from which to deliver a wonderfully efficient and dynamic movement.

Creating an athletic-ready position is the first step to flushing your irons every time. It allows for the arms to hang naturally at address and positions your body in an automatic "ready-to-go" position.

Take time out to instill the following solid fundamentals:

+ Correct clubface alignment

Have your leading edge at 90 degrees to the target

+ Good body alignment

Get your feet, knees, hips and shoulders aiming parallel left of target (like train tracks to the ball to target line)

+ Correct ball position

The ball should be just forward of centre (depending on the iron of choice, moving further forward the longer the iron)

+ An athletic posture

You want a nice straight spine angle, created through the hips being back and high, the knees being slightly flexed and the weight being toward the balls of the feet. Also, keep your chin up off the chest to allow for an uninhibited shoulder turn

+ Grip it correctly

You want to have a nice relaxed grip that doesn't apply too much pressure at address... no tension!

Ensuring the body is set correctly before your shot, allows for a simple, natural, flowing action to take place that will deliver consistently good results.

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