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If you’re like every other golfer and wish you could hit your driver longer, then the driver step drill could help you gain yards.

What I’m doing in the featured image might look like a Happy Gilmore style swing, but it’s a great way to work on gaining distance with your driver.

I don’t want you to do this when you’re on the course, but if you’re on the driving range and looking to improve your swing, try this.

We know through stats from Shot Scope, that on the whole, better players hit the ball a longer distance. A scratch golfer will average a distance of 285 yards from the tee, while that drops to less than 260 yards for a 10 handicap player. While that’s not the only difference, it does help to hit the ball a long distance.

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The more efficient you are in your swing, the more speed you can generate. This drill is going to increase the separation between your lower and upper body, which is crucial for that move. When you watch a tour player swing, you’ll notice that before the club has reached the top of the backswing, the lower body is starting to move towards the target and weight is shifting into the target side. This drill helps you copy them.

Driver tip step drill
First, take your driver stance as normal. (Credit: Eve Conroy/bunkered)

Gain yardage through this drill

Take your normal driver stance, then bring your front foot back towards your trail foot, to form a narrow stance behind the ball. Start off with some smooth three-quarter swings, and once your hands are hip-high on the backswing, take a step towards the target (back to your normal stance) and hit the shot.

Alistair Kyle driver step drill
Then, step forward into the shot, before you get to the top of the backswing. (Credit: Eve Conroy/bunkered)

Gradually, build up your swing speed and length close to your normal on-course swing. Whilst stepping, it is very important you step through whilst the club is still swinging back, when your hands are around hip-high.

Copy this, and you’ll build up separation in your swing, this building speed to hit the ball longer.

Alistair Kyle is the senior PGA Professional at Turnberry and a member of the bunkered Performance Panel. You can find out more about his coaching HERE.

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Lewis Fraser As bunkered’s Performance Editor, Lewis oversees the content that’s designed to make you a better player. From the latest gear to tuition, nutrition, strategy and more, he’s the man. A graduate of the University of Stirling, Lewis joined bunkered in 2021. Formerly a caddie at Castle Stuart Golf Links, he is a member of Bathgate Golf Club where he plays off four.

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