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Sometimes, it’s simple changes to things like set-up that can make all the difference in your driving. This driver set-up drill, which Jon Rahm uses, can dramatically help the way you swing the club.

This drill encourages a one-piece takeaway to prevent any picking up of the golf club.

This is something that Jon Rahm uses, as it helps him to hit a draw when he really wants to turn his driver over. While he usually hits a fade, if he wants to mitigate that, this is what he does. Here’s how it works.

A one-piece takeaway massively reduces any risk of disconnection within your swing, where your arms start to get too influential in the swing.

• Danny Maude: This is what to copy from Jon Rahm’s swing

If you hinge too early, you will probably pick the club up too quickly, setting you off plane and causing disconnection. This fixes your swing plane, your width and your shoulder turn and keeps your upper half working as one. You’re setting the club off on a different plane – because you’re dictating where it’s going to go – your shoulder turn has increased because it has already started.

Steve Johnston Jon Rahm driver tip
Set the driver behind the ball like this, to encourage a better takeaway. (Credit: bunkered)

Jon Rahm’s driver takeaway drill

Set the driver roughly 12 to 18 inches behind the ball. This means that when you take the club back, the hands move back and the shoulders move back in one collective move – hence the term ‘one-piece takeaway’. Your shoulders should start off in a closed position because you’ve set your club on plane already.

• Steve Johnston: Do this to stop slicing your driver

If you’re someone who hits a slice, especially with the driver, this is a great way to mitigate that. Before you’ve even started the swing, you’ve already closed your shoulders, encouraging you to get the club moving on a better plane.

When Jon Rahm wants to move the ball from right-to-left, you’ll see him start his swing with his driver in a similar position to what I’m doing above. It helps him and it can help you, too.

Steve Johnston is a long-time member of the bunkered Performance Panel and is Scotland’s leading golf YouTube star.

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