CAN AN UNPAINTED BALL HELP YOU PLAY BETTER??? – Wilson Staff Model golf balls review

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We’ve grown accustom to ‘raw’ finishes on wedges, but a raw golf ball? Now that is something new.

Wilson has added to its ever-growing Staff Model family of products with the introduction of the Staff Model and the Staff Model R golf balls.

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Both are advanced 4-piece urethane balls that have been developed alongside the brand’s Tour Advisory Staff members to deliver the kind of distance, high-level of spin and exceptional control you would expect from tour-quality golf ball.

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Both the Staff Model and Staff Model R are built to almost the exact same specifications but with one crucial and very interesting difference.

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The Staff Model R model is distinguished by its first of its kind raw, unpainted cover, that Wilson says will ensure aerodynamic consistency for greater accuracy.

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That’s the theory anyway.

Watch as our man David Cunninghame (@D_Cunninghame) puts that theory and both the Staff Model and Staff Model R golf balls to the test.