By David Cunninghame Published: 15 September 2018
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Titleist set out with a completely new mission when creating its latest TS metalwoods.

This mission – the ‘Titleist Speed Project’ – was to strip the driver back to its bare bones and vital essence, only to then build it back up to be faster, longer and better in every possible way.

The performance and speed that the new TS drivers deliver come courtesy of the new Titleist Speed Chassis.

• Titleist TS drivers: The result of the Titleist Speed Project
• WATCH – Titleist’s TS2 & TS3 drivers REVIEWED!

Compared with the 917 range we now have a thinner, faster face, a thinner, lighter titanium crown, improved aerodynamics and optimised weighting to help give you more forgiveness, a higher launch and, above all else, more distance.

Watch the video and find out how the TS3 stacked up against its predecessor.