Iron play

Ball position guide
Ball position tips: Follow this easy guide for better strikes
Alison Lee distance
Alison Lee has a lesson for those chasing distance off the tee
Justin Rose drill
Justin Rose has an unusual ball striking drill – here’s what he’s doing
David Leadbetter takeaway drill
David Leadbetter’s slow motion drill will fix your takeaway
Jon Rahm fades strategy
Jon Rahm’s strategy tweak teaches us all a valuable lesson
Rotation in the golf swing
Get more rotation in your golf swing for better control
Keep connection
Keep connection in your golf swing – stop the chicken wing
Tour pro irons
This small adjustment helps this tour pro control his irons
Rory Mcilroy Long Bunker Shot
Use an 8-iron for longer bunker shots
2013 08 Murray
Hit a low draw with a short iron
2013 09 Murray
Strike it clean from fairway bunkers
2015 02 Murquhart
Go slow to power up
2015 04 Murray3
How to play the stinger
Tiger Woods Fade
Master the ‘left to right’ shot
2015 02 On The Range
How to prepare for a big round
Aj Power Iron
3 steps to hit it higher
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