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Knowing where to have the golf ball in your stance can be difficult for some people, but it shouldn’t be. For me, I use a ball position guide to keep me on track. 

I’ve got a pretty simple solution for ball position which I think will help you simplify what it needs to be throughout your bag.

Think about your wedges, they’re your shortest clubs in the bag, so your ball position is furthest back in your stance. It’s easier to move the mass of your body ahead of that position, because it’s further back, giving you the right compression on the ball.

The middle of the bag, or further up the bag, is more towards the middle. When it comes to driver, it’s further up again. That gives you the basics of three ball positions throughout the set. That’s what to work off. If you’re struggling with ball position, think of it that way, as three groups.

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Ball position golf tips

Here’s how to break it down: short is middle of your chest; mid irons are left chest; woods are left armpit.

When we get to the 5-iron, the ball position is slightly further forward than a wedge because the club is longer. Think about it: the shaft is longer and the lie angle is slightly different. This position still allows your body to move towards the golf ball to get that compression you need with your irons.

Ball position guide
Steve Johnston demonstrates his three ball positions. (Credit: Kenny Smith/bunkered)

My three groups

Driver is different because we want to launch it, so the ball position is much further forward, on the left armpit. The reason we go left armpit, middle of the chest and left chest is because that is a constant for each player relevant to their size and height.

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If we work off the feet, there are too many variables and ball position can become too sporadic.

Try and keep it as uniform as you possibly can. Rather than having a ball position for each club – something like 13 ball positions – you’ve got three ball positions for three groups of clubs. Short clubs in the middle, mid irons is left chest and 3-irons to driver is your left armpit.

Work off these groupings and you’ll be in good shape.

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