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The slice with the driver is one of the most frustrating shots in golf.

It seems like the harder you try to stop it, the worse it becomes. But, it can be fixed with this swing thought.

If you’re steep with the driver on the downswing – most likely an out-to-in path – then you are staring a slice in the face.

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When you’re looking down the line, you want the club shaft to dissect the centre of your body instead of your neck.

That means getting your right elbow closer to the left, which bows the left wrist – and that prevents the face from opening – and then from there, you just turn through.

Basically, think about getting your right elbow closer to your left elbow on the way down. This helps you flatten out the club on the downswing.


Hitting driver from the inside or on a flatter plane is going to be more powerful than shearing across the ball from out to in. The beauty of this tip is that the bowing of the wrist happens naturally.

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When you get to the top, and then naturally come down with the right elbow coming closer to the left, it’s going to pull that left wrist into the bowed position. Now you’re controlling your clubface better whilst simply turning your body.


Your clubhead will stay out of view for longer. Try using the space behind you, just outside your vision. So if you can see the clubhead coming down out the corner of your eye, you’re coming from the outside and not enough on the inside.

Steve Johnston is a long-time member of the bunkered Performance Panel and is Scotland’s leading golf YouTube star. He coaches out of Peebles Golf Club and is available in virtual format here.

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