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With so many putting grips becoming popular in golf right now, it’s tempting to try and overcomplicate things with the flatstick. If you want to master the conventional putting grip, however, then this is a great way to do it.

This drill is going to help give you a repeatable grip, as well as help with a structured putting stroke. If you can bring structure to your stroke, you’re going to massively improve your chances of holing more putts.

Inconsistency is a killer in golf, but particularly with the putter, where it should be fairly straightforward to keep everything the same each time.

Of course, some players will use different grips and that’s absolutely fine, but if you’re struggling with your putting, then getting an easy and repeatable grip and set-up is a great place to start. Here’s what to do.

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If you can get the putter in the palms of your hands more often, then you’re going to set the foundation for a solid set-up.

Easy putting grip
Copy me to get the feeling of a sound grip for putting. (Credit: Kenny Smith/bunkered)

A good way to feel this is to copy what I’m doing in the image above. Start with your thumbs pointing out, which will feel normal. Then, point your thumbs down towards the ground. This is the feeling you want over the ball when you’re putting.

You want to feel like you’re keeping your lifelines in your hand level with your forearm.

Put your putter grip level with your lifelines, then when you move the club down to address, you have a proper structured set-up that you can rely on.

Bryson DeChambeau is quite well known for doing this, although he does take it to the extreme – but the same theory is there.

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Getting the grip of your putter into the palm of your hands will bring greater structure to your grip and your putting stroke. It will get the upper half of the body to work as well, because the lie angle of the shaft will be more upright. That means there’s less chance of flipping or releasing the putter too early.

Essentially this means it is easier to take the putter straight back and straight through because the lie angle of the putter is more upright.

Like I say, if you’re someone who uses an unusual putting technique but holes lots of putts while doing it, then don’t feel the need to change. If you want an easy and effective putting grip to master, then do this.

Steve Johnston is a long-time member of the bunkered Performance Panel and is Scotland’s leading golf YouTube star. He coaches out of Peebles Golf Club and is available in virtual format here.

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