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If you watch golf on TV, you’ll probably hear commentators talk about the professional side of the hole and the amateur side of the hole. This drill will help you get the ball on the professional side and help you hole more putts.

If you don’t already know, the amateur side of the hole is the low side, and chances are most of your missed putts end up here.

Not only are you missing that original putt, but when you miss on the amateur side, your ball is only getting further away from the hole. If you’re going to miss, you want to miss on the high side, or the professional side of the hole.

It’s not easy to give your putts enough break, but this drill with three tees can help you visualise the break.

My Three Tee Drill

Here’s a simple drill you can try to help you match the line and speed of putts to give them the best chance of dropping.

I’ve set out three tees to the right side of the hole on this putt that breaks right to left as I look at it. Each could be the correct start line for this putt but only if the speed matches the line, which is something I’ll think about before I hit it.

Ally Kyle Three tee drill
Alistair Kyle reads a putt at Trump Turnberry. (Credit: Kenny Smith/bunkered)

How to hole more putts

You can simply roll putts starting at each tee and figure out what speed is required to get the ball to drop.

This drill will also help you to work out whether you feel more comfortable hitting your putts with enough speed to drop them in the front of the hole with dead weight, or with enough speed to take some of the break out, where you’ll start the ball closer to the line of the hole.

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Remember: if you hit it harder and it doesn’t drop, you’ll have a longer one on the way back.

It is very common for amateur golfers to under-read putts and miss on the low side. This is a great exercise to do to fine-tune your start line and help you hit putts with the correct speed. If you can match up that speed with a solid start line, you’ll start to see more of those mid-range putts fall.

Alistair Kyle is the senior PGA Professional at Turnberry and a member of the bunkered Performance Panel. You can find out more about his coaching HERE.

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