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Ping has unveiled its 13-degree Rapture 3-wood that gives you a versatile alternative to your driver, or a 3-wood with a hotter face.

Built to give more distance and accuracy through the combination of increased ball speed and lowered spin, Ping has created an extreme-variable-thickness face to give added forgiveness.

A quarter of the weight in the head is made up by the tungsten sole plate, which moves the centre of gravity much lower in the head for higher ball speed and less spin.

Ping has also designed the head to give you as much confidence as possible with its deep profile.

Adjustment is another key aspect, and the inclusion of Ping’s Trajectory Tuning technology lets you change the loft plus or minus ½-degree.

“With the same amount of effort, the golfer will be able to deliver a lot more power.” – John A. Solheim, Ping’s chairman and CEO

“The weighting properties of titanium and tungsten provide our engineers a lot of opportunities to improve performance,” said John A. Solheim, Ping’s chairman and CEO.

“The high-strength beta-titanium material allowed us to really focus on creating a hotter face that yields ball speeds and distance unlike any we’ve seen in fairway woods. The tungsten positions the weight extremely low so we can optimise the centre of gravity position. It has a taller face and deeper head profile, so golfers will have complete confidence with the Rapture.

“We think golfers will really appreciate this unique combination of technology to improve their performance. It’s extremely long off the tee. We’re excited to get it in golfers’ hands.”

Ping has really focused on ensuring the swing weight of their clubs remains consistent by creating their own high-balance point shafts. In the Rapture 3-wood, its proprietary TFC 949 graphite shaft to increase momentum and inertia and give an improved transfer of energy from club to ball.

Solheim added: “In the TFC 949, for example, its high balance point enabled us to engineer a standard length of 43 ½ inches while increasing the mass of the head. With the same amount of effort, the golfer will be able to deliver a lot more power.”

Ping Rapture 3-wood info

You can now pre-order your very own Rapture 3-wood at authorised golf shops and it has an RRP of £395. For more information, log-on to


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