Teaching Panel

Rory Mcilroy Long Bunker Shot
Use an 8-iron for longer bunker shots
2013 08 Chipping Out A Divot
Chipping out of a divot made easy
Rory Mcilroy Swing Plane
Get the correct takeaway
Mickelson Lob Over Tree
How to hit a flop over a tree
2015 06 Mu1
The punch shot made easy
Murray Urquhart Collage
Set your driver to beast mode
2013 08 Dp Tip
Try the ‘Flamingo Drill’
2013 08 Putting Tip
Solid strikes with putting
2013 08 David Patrick
Hit your chips the ‘new way’
Putting David Patrick
How to hole out
2016 03 Dpfeat
3 bunker shots mastered
Dp Putting Lag
Get a better view of the hole
2015 10 Dp2
How to chip
2015 09 Dp Feat
Hit a high draw with your putts
Dp Sloping Lies 1
How to play from sloping lies
2015 03 Patrick Putt
One-handed putting
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