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TaylorMade has expanded its 2018 golf ball collection with the introduction of the updated Project (a) and Project (s) lines.

Set to provide uncompromised distance and feel for the recreational player, the three-piece Project (a) also provides tour-level spin for the average golfer – a performance attribute unmatched by anything in its category.

In 2016, the ball was made softer with lower compression while maintaining the greenside spin demanded by consumers, while in 2018, Project (a) takes the next step in its evolution with new technologies that make it significantly longer than ever before.

The Project (a) also incorporates a new Dual-Distance core and a new 322LDP seamless dimple pattern, which combines increase driver and long iron distance, while maintaining excellent greenside control and feel.

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“100% of worldwide Tours use a golf ball with a Urethane cover, while 0% use suryln,” explained Michael Fox, TaylorMade’s category director for golf balls and accessories.

“If every Tour player and Tour ball manufacturer in the world is telling you urethane is the best material, why wouldn’t you buy the only product outside the Tour ball category using this technology that’s now longer than ever before?”

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Project (s)

Complementing the Project (a), TaylorMade has also introduced the all-new Project (s) golf ball, offering an even softer feel while continuing the company’s focus on low driver spin and significant driver distance; a golf ball unlike any in the competitive class to date.

It delivers on the two performance attributes amateur players in this category want most: soft feel AND distance. No longer does the golfer have to choose between one or the other with a single ball. That ball is Project (s).

Similar to the Project (a) the Dual-Distance Core in the Project (s) decreases the overall compression of the ball for soft feel while maintaining rebound and speed.

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270740 Project S Matte Yellow 3 4 Ball Acb59B Original 1517191706 E77486 Large 1517218549

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Due to the high COR of the Dual-Distance Core, engineers were able to use a soft ionomer cover that improves feel and control around the green. Compared to the competitive set, the Project (s) has the softest cover, which provides more greenside spin and soft feel.

The Project (s) uses TaylorMade’s high lift 342LDP dimple pattern, which, in combination with the lower backspin construction, reduces drag throughout the golf ball’s flight for more distance.

In addition to gloss white, the new Project (s) is also available in a matte yellow & matte orange finish that offers a unique look that stands out while being UV resistant.

TaylorMade Project (a) & Project (s) balls

Available: Project (a) – February 16; Project (s) – April 1

Price: Project (a) – £39.99; Project (s) – £24.99


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