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• Wishon Golf produces set of single length irons
• Inspired by interest in Bryson DeChambeau’s set

• Brand says single length irons can work for all golfers

Wishon Golf | Sterling irons

Bryson DeChambeau challenged the golf norm with his single length iron concept. Now, Wishon Golf has produced a new set of Sterling Single Length irons that he says will make it easier for all golfers to hit more consistent shots.

Twenty-two-year-old DeChambeau stormed onto golf’s biggest stage earlier this year with his set of specially-built single length irons from Edel Golf.

He has since switched to a specially designed set from Cobra but renowned clubmaker Tom Wishon’s company believes the release of its Sterling Single Length irons is set to kickstart a revolution in the equipment market following global interest in DeChambeau’s club set-up.

Described as ‘a major departure’ from traditional irons, the identical set ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for every club.

U.S. Open - Round One

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Those key factors include the same MOI, same total weight, same head weight and same balance point, which Wishon Golf says offers the chance for improved shot consistency.

While the clubs are recommended for low handicappers and professionals, Wishon Golf also says the the consistent weight and shaft lengths make them ideal for beginners as they allow the new golfer to maintain the same stance and ball position for every iron in the bag.

Traditionally, iron lengths change by about half-an-inch from one club to the next with the head weights of the individual clubs also progressively increasing, varying as much as 60g from the heavier short irons to the lighter long irons. DeChambeau has been using a set of irons that have been fitted with identical 37.5-inch shafts.

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According to Wishon Golf, the reason other manufacturers have been unsuccessful in producing a single length set of irons before is down to the lower lofted clubs losing too much distance, while the more lofted irons and wedges generated too much distance.

Where the Sterling irons differ is that they have been produced to deliver ‘precise and consistent’ distance gaps throughout the bag.

Wishon Golf has achieved that by using high spring-like faces made from high strength steel with four-degree loft increments in the 5-hybrid, 5-iron, 6-iron and 7-iron, while the faces in the 8-iron, 9-iron, PW, GW and SW are made from conventional cast carbon steel and feature five-degree loft increments.
Sterling Irons SET

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“The benefit is greater shot consistency, better performance, and more on-centre hit consistency, especially with your low loft clubs,” said Tom Wishon.

“What we’ve done in the low-loft clubs is create a high-COR design to give you back some of the distance you might have lost. In the high loft clubs we have carbon steel.”

The Wishon Golf Sterling Single Length irons are only available as a custom fit option. For more information, visit

Wishon Golf Sterling Single Length irons: Your thoughts

Have you seen Bryson DeChambeau’s clubs? Are you keen to try a single-length set for yourself? Let us know in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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