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Bryson DeChambeau has released a new YouTube video that, no joke, includes fitness content that is “going to change the way we think about exercise”. 

We watched all 45 minutes of MY SECRET WEAPON – Bryson DeChambeau & Greg Roskopf so you didn’t have to sit through it. It starts off with a dramatic disclaimer to set the tone. 

Brysondechambeau 4

This is serious. He’s not like others. He’s going to “change your life”. 

Pretty quickly, he isn’t holding back, saying that he “works twice as hard as anybody else” on tour. A dig at his PIP pal Brooksy?  

The video focuses on DeChambeau’s relationship with Greg Roskopf, the founder of Muscles Activation Techniques. Roskopf isn’t about producing big guns, he looks at the biomechanics of ALL the body’s muscles and why certain athletes suffer from fatigue, pain and injury.  

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In the video, DeChambeau questions his critics who have suggested he is likely to get injured via his work outs. Last year, Ian Poulter asked: “Will he cause himself an injury hitting the ball that hard, repetitively? We’ll have to see.” 

But, here, he attempts to defend his corner. “Most people think I’m going to get injured,” he says. “Most people think I’m going to get into problems…” before saying that he has, instead, gained range of motion. 

Bryson Dechambeau2

DeChambeau, again, uses this video to talk differently about his approach to the game, something he is keen to explore.  

“One of the most interesting things to be is that I always break my golf swing down to a science, where every little motion is just as important as the next,” he says. “If you aren’t taking care of the internal rotation of your forearm, then you could be deviating face angles quite a bit.” 

Roskopf’s major belief is that “no muscle is more important than any other muscle in the body”, citing why it’s important that DeChambeau focuses on his entire body. “They all have to perform at a high level,” adds Roskopf. “You are only as strong as your weakest part.” 

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In what appears to be quite a passionate appeal to not just the sporting world – but literally EVERYBODY on the planet – this week’s defending champion says he believes Roskopf’s work could change everything. In a nutshell, he says this will “revolutionise” the fitness industry. 

“It’s not just about the athlete, it’s about the individual, the human, the person that’s just trying to make it through the day without any pain,” says DeChambeau, who says Roskopf is “20 years ahead of anybody” in the fitness industry. 

“This is where it can be incredibly helpful to the world, and this needs to be shown to the world and given to the world at some point where we can improve the lives of everybody. This whole new thought process is going to change the way we think about exercise the way we know it currently.” 

So it’s kind of a big deal. 

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Bryce Ritchie is the Editor of bunkered and, in addition to leading on content and strategy, oversees all aspects of the brand. The first full-time journalist employed by bunkered, he joined the company in 2001 and has been editor since 2009. A member of Balfron Golfing Society, he currently plays off nine and once got a lesson from Justin Thomas’ dad.

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